Retreats, Seminars, Courses and Dates

We run, or have information on, a range of Sufi-related events, retreats and seminars in the UK and overseas. Details of these are on our regular e-newsletter which normally goes out monthly from the London Sufi Centre. If you would like to receive information on forthcoming events please email us at and we will place you on the mailing list. 

Upcoming Retreats and Workshops 

July 11th – 15th, 2018. Sufi summer retreat: Trusting the Heart. With Noor un Nisa Jacobs. Info & booking: or 01797253485  

July 13th – 19th, 2018. First International Sufi Conference and Retreat, with Pir Zia Inayat Khan. Konya Hilton Hotel. For info & bookings:

July 23rd – August 20th. Zenith Summer camp, Theme Music for the Soul. Ticino, Switzerland. For further details

August 31st – September 2nd, 2018. Zira’at Retreat: Wings of the Soul: Joy and Strength. Venue: High Weald Retreat Centre, Sussex. Cost: £185 per person. Limited places. Please email Margaret Amina ASAP at:    

September 30th – October 6th, 2018. Sacred Ageing Retreat: The Art of Growing Older and Wiser, with Saki Lee. A supportive and healing retreat for 50+ year olds, located in Crete. The final date for registration is June 15, 2018. For more information details please write to us at:;

October 5th to 7th, 2018. A knighthood gathering in Fazal Manzil. We invite knights, heralds and others contemplating Pir O Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan’s 40 rules of conduct and the contemporary path of chivalry. For info contact and Alia Arnesen:

NEW: October, 27th – 28th, 2018.”EVE-olution!”: Re-examining and healing our image of Eve in the Garden of Eden. 2-day non-residential healing retreat, Colet House, London. £60, concessions available. Further information: NurJamil 0750 231 5861 or Hadia 0793 215 3016 or 

October 27th – October 29th, 2018. Autumn retreat in Kent/Surrey Hills with Shanti Marlene Botha.  For info & booking

October 27th – November 9th, 2018. Silent, guided retreat and walking in the desert (Morocco Sahara) with Kim Shams Richardson.  This retreat is now full, but please contact if you’d like to be on the waitlist 

November 17th – 18th, 2018. Angelic Lights: a weekend seminar with Pir Zia Inayat Khan. For info and booking email Karima at

NEW: April 28 – May 12, 2019. Mt Kailash ‘kora’ pilgrimage, with Shams Richardson. Small group. If interested contact Shams Kim Richardson on


July 2018 

Monday 2nd July – London Sufi Centre: Dances with Farzana Dalila-Boyle, Message class with Surya Mann. Further classes. 

Friday 6th July  – Whirling Dervish (mukabele) Ceremony and Rumi poetry. Colet House, 151 Talgarth Rd. Poetry 6.30-7.30; Ceremony 7.45-9pm. £5 donation. Shared supper.

Monday 9th July – London Sufi Centre: Dances with Farzana Dalila-Boyle, Message class with Naqiba Griffiths. Further classes.  

Monday 16th July – London Sufi Centre is closed for the SUMMER BREAK and will reopen in September.